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Top quality Integraded wireless R8 Engine Start Drive select button Sport Steering Wheel Start Driving Mode Switch For AUDI TT TTS

Top quality Integraded wireless R8 Engine Start Drive select button Sport Steering Wheel Start Driving Mode Switch For AUDI TT TTS
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Product description :

PART NAME:Top quality Integraded wireless R8 Engine Start Drive select button Sport Steering Wheel Start Driving Mode Switch For AUDI TT TTS



  We highly recommend you to buy the new generation integraded R8 button from us

Bracket ,receiver and installnatin wiring harness have been integrated by our professionl engineer of our factory.

​How to install?


For VAG modified R8 buttons

Change the starting position, starting from the steering wheel
All VAG series can be installed

1: The small disc airbag can be installed directly, and the original style of the bracket-free fit is more perfect
2: Wireless transmission, the whole car does not need to be broken
3: Easy to install, the socket is inserted
4: Without defining the star key, the original car function will not be lost
5: LIN protocol control, the original car function does not affect
6: Ignition switch driving mode can be realized
7: The night lights support the control of the headlights on and off

Product configuration list: red ignition switch, black driving mode switch, wireless receiving module, wiring harness, internal fixing bracket, screws, warranty card, certificate
Factory direct sales, technical support
Please look for the products and models of our company for purchase. The design and working principle of our products are very different from those of other companies.

R8 button installation instructions
The appearance and functions of the dual buttons on the QD-88X series steering wheel are described as follows:
This product is designed from the dual buttons of the R8 steering wheel. The buttons are divided into left and right sides. There are two logos. Red represents POWER, which means "one-button start" function, and is installed on the right side of the steering wheel; black represents SELECT, which means "driving mode selection" ”Function, installed on the left side of the steering wheel;
"One-key start" uses a silicone double-button detection mechanism, so when operating, you need to press the silicone switch to detect and then press the physical button for feedback to prevent misoperation during driving and play a double protective role; and The "driving mode selection" button is to directly press the physical button to give feedback, which provides a better user experience.
Another: working parameters and features of this product:
Rated working voltage: DC 12V;
Standby current: <3MA
Transmission method: 433Mhz
Original car wiring harness socket docking, wireless version, free of hairspring, free of welding wire, free of broken original car wiring harness

installation steps:
1. Key installation steps:
1. Loosen the airbag: start the car, turn the steering wheel 90 degrees to the left, insert a screwdriver into the small hole behind the steering wheel to pry the internal buckle of the airbag, then turn the steering wheel 90 degrees to the right, and use one from the other hole behind the steering wheel. Insert a screwdriver into the other internal buckle of the air bag, release the air bag, and pull out the connecting wire between the air bag and the multi-function button.
2. Remove the rubber frame between the bottom of the steering wheel and the airbag, use the fixed gasket in the product accessory to mark the button installation position, use an electric drill to drill the fixing screw hole and the threading hole, insert the wiring harness, and use the screw in the accessory bag to connect the button and Lock the rubber frame, arrange the wiring harness between the two buttons, and install it on the bottom support of the steering wheel.
3. Restore the rubber frame with the buttons and the bottom support of the steering wheel to the car, connect the wire harness between the airbag and the multi-function buttons, and then press the airbag back to its original position after checking that it is correct. The steering wheel buttons are installed.
2. Installation steps of wireless receiving board:
1. First find the one-key start position of the original car, and disassemble the components surrounding the original one-key starter. The purpose is to remove the original car one-key start-up wiring harness.
2. Disassemble the gear handle, unscrew the screw, and pull out the gear handle. Unscrew the decorative parts covering the surrounding area (the specific driving model is different); please confirm whether the screws are all loosened before disassembly.
3. Disassemble to the original car and start the rear wiring harness with one button, find the pin on the definition: 3&6, and connect the blue and white wiring harnesses on the wireless receiving board to each of them. 3&6 are not defined.
4. Connect the wire harness with the fuse to the power supply B+ (long power) fuse box, and connect the black branched wire harness to the ground wire (ground).
Note: The wireless module will flicker slowly within 10 seconds after the power is connected, indicating that the power is connected!

After the above two steps are completed, the installation is basically completed, and you can perform test verification. The indicator light on the wireless board will flash back after receiving the button message






















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